Marvin Francis' Man In A Cage ARCHIVE Gallery
Purchased by the Kentucky Folk Art Center.
Photographed by Adrian Swain, Curator, Kentucky Folk Art Center

Marvin donated this piece to the Kentucky Folk Art Center's annual fundraising live auction at the Center's Day in the Country folk art festival in June of 2011. This piece was in the live auction and the winning bid was the highest ever paid for an auction piece in the entire history of this fundraising event. That is quite an accomplishment given all the folk art luminaries who have donated art to this auction over the years and who had donated work to this particular auction!

Photographer is by the person who had the winning auction bid.

 Part of the Collection of the 21C Musuem.
Photographed by Mary Rezny.
Love Devil in the Hole.
Photographed by Terry Connor.
 Buster and His Shower Buddies.
Photographed by Mary Rezny.

Photographed by Mary Rezny
Man in a Cage Making a Man in a Cage.
See Ya!
Photographed by Mary Rezny.
Photographer is Mary Rezny.
Photographed Mary Rezny
Busta at Kentucky's Finest Resort.
Photographed by Mary Rezny
Sonya and Buster.
Photographed by Mary Rezny.
Sonya by Herself Reading Prison Quarterly.
Photographer is Mary Rezny.
Friends for Life.
Photographer is Mary Rezny.